Confused About Insurance?

Confused About Insurance?

Anyone feel confused about health insurance in the last two years? How about vision insurance? I would love to say vision insurance is simpler, but it isn’t. We handle medical and vision insurance every day in our office and even for us it can feel like trying to navigate through the wilderness blindfolded at times!

One common vision insurance is Vision Service Plan (VSP). We see many patients with VSP and are quite familiar with the different benefits plans available. Unfortunately, VSP does not provide member-ID cards to its subscribers so often we see clients who don’t even know they have vision insurance!

If you are paying vision insurance premiums we highly recommend using the provided benefits. If you don’t use your vision benefits, they simply go to waste. It would be like buying groceries and then leaving all your food at the checkout!

Below you will see an illustration of just how much VSP (like other insurances) can save you on eyecare and eyewear when you visit an in-network provider like King Family Eye Clinic. Many VSP policies have exam fees between zero and $10. What a bargain! If you have questions about VSP or other vision insurance, send us an email at

King Family Eye Clinic_VSP Flyer

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