New Transition Lenses

New Transition Lenses


Greetings Friends and Neighbors,

The staff and I attended a continuing education meeting last week to learn about some exciting new products from the makers of Transitions. Things in the eyecare world are always changing and improving after all and it is our mission to bring you the latest and greatest!

For those of you unfamiliar with Transitions, it is a type of lens coating that can be applied to your eyeglass lenses that when activated by UV light causes the lenses to darken. The awesome color-changing ability of this product allows you to have clear lenses indoors and a gradual ‘transition’ into a sunglass lens when you are outdoors. Over the years, the manufacturers of the Transitions product have worked on making the change between dark and clear ever quicker. Their newest version, Transitions VI is the fastest one yet!

Transitions has also unveiled some new and very unique products in addition to their updated Transitions VI lens coating. The brand new Transitions Vantage product is clear indoors, but has a revolutionary upgrade during outside wear! Instead of simply darkening when exposed to UV light outdoors this lens also gradually transforms into a polarized sunglass lens. This is the first and only product of its kind to feature gradual polarization.

For those of you unfamiliar with polarization it is a feature found in high quality sunglass lenses which improves the quality of the wearer’s vision while decreasing glare, especially from on-coming lights and reflections from water, snow, and the road surface. We have a special section of the website for more information and a short video about polarization. You can find this additional information on the homepage under the community topics section untitled eyeglass lenses.

In addition to the revolutionary Vantage lens, Transitions has also created the new Transitions Extra Active lens product. The Extra Active product is especially designed for people who spend a lot of time outdoors, for those with increased light sensitivity and for clients who desire a darker lens behind the windshield of a vehicle. The Transitions Extra Active is the darkest Transitions product available and offers unmatched darkening in vehicles. Traditional Transitions products offered only about 20% darkening whereas the Extra Active product darkens 50% inside a vehicle.

We have several in-office demonstrations and simulations for you to learn more about this and others product upgrades. You owe yourself at least one high quality pair of eyeglass lenses. There are very few other items in your life that you rely on more heavily than your vision. See your downtown Dickinson eyecare professionals, where excellence is eyecare is our obsession! Dr. King and I are looking forward to seeing you!

-Dr. Candace

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