Thank You

Thank You


I would like to extend a deep and humble note of thanks to all retired and active duty military personnel today, Veteran’s Day. I would also like to say thank you to military families for enduring the hardships of service.

As a student optometrist I spent several months at the Landstuhl Regional Army Medical Center in central Germany. Landstuhl is the largest US hospital outside of the country and the first place injured solidiers are transported when they leave the battlefield. There aren’t many experiences that get you a more up close and personal look at the cost of protecting our nation. My time in Germany gave me a very tangible sense of what service men and women endure and how their sacrifice deeply effects their families. My experience at Landstuhl has had a profound and long-lasting effect on me as a person and how I view the world. I am reminded of my gratitude on a daily basis as I now care for veterans in our area through the VA program. I am honored to continue my small service to those who have so greatly served us all.

Most Sincere Thanks to All Active Duty and Retired Military Personnel and their Families,

Continued Prayer for Those in Harms Way Today that They may Return Home Safely as soon as possible,

Dr. Candace Hoff

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