The importance of sunwear

The importance of sunwear

The importance of sunwear by Celicia, Optician at King Family Eye Clinic

UV radiation comes from various sources, most importantly from the rays of the sun. It is present anytime you are outside wether it be summer or winter. Melanoma, which is a form of skin cancer, is not just the only thing to be concerned about when exposed to UV rays. Melanoma can also affect the eye. Ocular melanoma metastasis is the most common form of cancer to affect th e eye. It can also spread to other parts of the body in about 50% of cases, often to the liver, which has a high rate of fatality. UV radiation has also been found to increase the development of macular degeneration and to increase the growth of cataracts. UV radiation accumulates over our lifespan starting in infancy. Cells absorb the UV radiation over time and if those cells reach their breaking point, which is different for each individual and for each cell, the cell no longer can absorb the UV radiation and process it in a healthy way. When UV rays continue to reach the cells, they become overwhelmed causing damage to the cells. This can lead to cell death or mutated cells causing the cancer.

You can protect your eyes from the dangers of UV in a variety of ways:

Polarized are the most common used lens because of their benefits and features. The purpose of this lens is to protect your eyes from blinding and distracting glare while providing UV protection. Polarized lenses are available in a variety of colors, lens designs, and materials because they adapt to UV and ambient light exposure.

Tinted lenses with UV coating are another lens used if a polarized lens can’t be used, specifically for occupational reasons. People that use digital equipment like GPS may not want a polarized lens because polarization can block the screen. Farmers, pilots, surveyors, etc may not want to use a polarized lens if working with LED screens.

Tinted lenses without UV should never be used in any situation. When a dark lens is worn without UV protection the tint of the lens causes the eye to dilate allowing greater amounts of UV light to enter the eye. If you are wearing a tinted lens be sure it has adequate UV protection.

All sunglasses available at King Family Eye Clinic block UVA and UVB rays sufficiently to protect your eyes properly. The sunglasses our clinic carries can have a prescription placed into the lenses or can be bought as is. The brands we carry include WileyX (which are ANSI approved), Kate Spade, Banana Republic, Chesterfield, RayBan, Carrera, Ellen Tracy, and True Religion just to name a few.

If sunglasses are not a option for you, we also carry sunclips that fit most prescription frames. We also carry fitovers which go over the whole prescription frame. Another great option would be our line of frames that have magnetic sunclips.

If you are unsure what option might be the best for you, stop by our office. I’d be happy to show you the choices available to you and demonstrate their benefits!

Now is a great time to shop for sunglasses as we are getting our new items for Summer 2013!

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