Update on Dailies Total 1

Update on Dailies Total 1


Happy Holidays!

I wanted to briefly update everyone on the new Dailies Total 1 contacts. I blogged about these new water gradient contacts briefly when they first became available in August. We are always cautiously excited when we get new product; and I am happy to report that Dailies Total 1 has exceed our already high expectations. The response to these contact lenses from patients experiencing dryness, burning, or others types of discomfort has been overwhelmingly positive. My only complaint is that they are not yet available in all prescriptions! The prescription range will be expanding in mid-2014, so stay in contact with our office if we currently do not have your prescription available.

One patient who reported severe contact lenses discomfort, despite using re-wetting drops on an hourly basis with her previous contact lenses, switched to Dailies Total 1 and is now using re-wetting drops less than twice a day. Another patient, who could not tolerate her previous contact lenses for more than 6 hours at a time, is now comfortably wearing the Dailies Total 1 for an average of 12 hours a day. These are just two examples, among many, that demonstrate what a significant advance the Dailies Total 1 can be in terms of improved contact lens comfort.

If you are struggling with your contact lenses and would like to try the Dailies Total 1, give us a call today and give yourself the gift of clear and comfortable vision this Christmas!

Many wishes for health and wellness in the coming year,

Dr. Candace Hoff

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We have moved now to the new location. We are one block east of Family Fare West and across the street from Cornerstone Bank.